wtorek, 22 kwietnia 2014

Wonderful Electric

So, given the post's title, you already know that I'm hooked on Goldfrapp. Truth to be told, I've been extensively exposed to this band for more than three years by now (I can already see the person responsible for it smirking), but just recently I decided to give it a try on my own and... that's it, I fell in love (with a Strict Machine). Well, there's not much literally related to the post title's here (maybe except for the funky headphones), so I have to explain the connection that is obvious for me, but might not be obvious to you guys.
I'm blessed to have synesthesia. Contrary to popular opinion - no, I'm not tripping all day long with strange visions whenever I get signals from my senses; it's more like finding those... relationships between the senses that aren't really connected to each other in the case of a non-synesthesia person. So, what am I trying to say is that when I listen to Strict Machine, or the post's theme, I immediately think about the colours captured in this outfit: slightly dusted purple and pink hues with a hint of gray and black undertone. Does this even make sense for you? Ugh, it's kinda... hard to explain. And I'm poor at explaining anything. Sorry.
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niedziela, 6 kwietnia 2014


I wear shirts daily. Heck, I'm trying to be preppy (with my own twist of course), right? However, I wear them so often that they stopped being smart enough for me. That's why I decided to get my necktie&bowtie collection from the forgotten corner of my room. Today's outfit features a lovely tartan print bowtie that I've bought together with this one - they're much smaller than usual bowties which makes them so cute! The bag is a new addition to my wardrobe. At first I couldn't get used to it because the material it's made of is kinda stiff, but once everyone at my workplace found it classy, I started wearing it more and more often... until it has become a staple part of my daily smart-ish look. I added the spikes to spice it up. I wouldn't be myself if I didn't try to customize my accessories.

 I'm so sorry for the long delay, but some big changes have occured in my life. There are times when I'm busy seven days a week. Why? Now I'm not only a weekend student (meaning I have to attend classes every second weekend), but I also got a job! Not a freelance one like up to this time, but a five-days-a-week, nine-to-five one. That's really big. Plus, my photographer (who happens to be my BFF) has got a job, too. That means we're both super busy. Not that I'm complaining, but meeting for a photoshoot (and obligatory dinner+coffee afterwards) seems really impossible most of the time. Luckily enough, now that days are getting longer and longer, we're able to meet after work and do some evening shoot - like this one. Gosh, it came out sooo dark (in a positive way!).
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piątek, 14 marca 2014


(Yep, that's me fascinated by the trees in the park. Believe me, they looked so majestic and beautiful! The pose is not a reference to... anything, I swear.)
Spring, at last! I spent most of that day with no coat on. At least my new second hand find could get some exposure. Please welcome warmly yet another oversized shirt that has already become a staple piece for me... Yep, I know I'm trying to overdose that huge shirt + thin belt + long cardi + long socks combo, but it's just what I feel like wearing all the time and given the amount of cardigans (and blazers) and shirts in my collection, there are endless possibilities of mixing them. Speaking of overusing some pieces, there's that one thing that will never change in my case - combat boots can fit easily into any outfit. Fear not though, there are warmer days ahead which means I can dig some heels out of my closet and actually wear them.
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sobota, 1 marca 2014

Of leather, denim, chains... and kittens

I'm showing you quite a few meaningful things in this post. You already know about my relationship with leather (pants) and this particular denim shirt, so I'm gonna go straight to other items worth describing here. First of all, the heavy chain necklace. I wonder how is this even possible that it haven't appeared here yet, as I've been wearing it almost daily ever since I bought it. It's always tucked in neatly under a shirt's collar. I kinda borrowed that way of wearing chains from my fashion guru GD, one of the very few guys who can make a golden chain look more classy than swag. Now, let's move to the shoes - my faithful red Converse sneakers. They mean a lot to me! I got them a few years ago after a whole eternity of dreaming of them as I couldn't have really afford them back then (heck, I still wouldn't be able to afford them if I had to buy them by myself - I got them as a gift!). The fact that they were in my second favourite colour - red - just made them even more awesome. I wear them nearly as often as my combat boots so they are getting a bit too worn out for my liking, but well, I love them anyway. And now onto the most out of place thing here... The kitten backpack. I love cats. I love backpacks. End of story. ♥
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niedziela, 16 lutego 2014

Black Lace

First things first... This was supposed to be an outdoors photoshoot, but just when my photographer was on her way, it started to snow, so we had to prepare some kind of a Plan B. Unfortunately, the lighting made my radiant orchid nail polish look more blue than actually orchid. Also, I know that the sticky dressing on my left index finger isn't very fashion, but two days earlier I got some nasty cut there. Yay for my clumsiness. Now let's move onto the main topic. Somehow, every St. Valentine's day is a perfect day for me to wear black instead of the cliche red or pink. Adding lace to it just makes everything even better. And those tights? Gosh, they're a bomb with that outfit! I polished the look with a pair of the most comfortable booties I've ever had a chance to wear. I don't wear heels that often, so the ones I do own just have to be comfy.
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wtorek, 4 lutego 2014

O • M • G

Don't let the snow in the background fool you - it was +6C and the remains of winter were just melting on our eyes (well, let's just wait till the Great Annual Winter Comeback around Easter). Finally, it was warm enough not to cover half of my outfit with a coat. So, what do we have here? Oh, the mighty oversized denim shirt. A denim shirt has been the main reason for me to start searching through second hand stores four years ago. I've found it just now, but got addicted to sh shopping in the meantime... Well, nevermind. This post also features the new statement beanie (like they love to call it nowadays), the OMG necklace... and lots of girly giggles. And because I can't help but cover my mouth everytime I giggle, much like those Japanese girls, it looks even more girly. Be prepared.
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niedziela, 26 stycznia 2014


We all have our role models. Mine appears to be a fairly young man who has slayed the world with his charisma, music and fashion. Because this is a personal style blog, I'll tell you about his influence on me fashion-wise. Honestly, GD has inspired me to go past my "style comfort zone" and experiment with various trends that at first don't really seem to go well together, but the more you look at them, the better they look. A few years ago I started as your average vintage/preppy lover, wearing the so-called "grandpa sweaters", neat shirts, neckties, bowties, plaid skirts... It's still the base of my outfits, but thanks to GD I know that I can break those predictable outfits with edgy elements such as heavy boots, bold jewellery, vibrant colours... The list goes on and on. He's going around in well-fitted suits most of the time, but you would NEVER call them boring because of all those prints and accessories.
As for today's outfit, I decided to pay a direct tribute to him by this custom sweatshirt with a hashtag "Giyongchy" - or a mock name of his fave brand Givenchy he uses in his music videos (you can see lots of merch with Giyongchy logo on Asian street style blogs). The rest is just my humble rendition of his comfy airport fashion, a contradiction to his polished on-stage look: leopard print, bits of gold, combat boots, giant fur hat... I know that my outerwear might not look as fabulous as his, but I'm not even trying to kid you that it's warm enough to take an off-coat shot.
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